The Addison Safety Group, Inc. 
Holding a higher standard
About Us
  1. UL Listed Fire Alarm Company
    Addison Safety Group, Inc. is UL listed (Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and services)(Protective Signaling Services) Central Station S-8139-1 UUFX Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services)(Protective Signaling Services) Local, Auxiliary, Remote Station and Proprietary S-24589-1 UUJS
  2. 24 Hour UL Listed Monitoring Station
    Monitoring every situation. Nationwide. 24/7
    Our operators receive the highest level of training from our in-house Security Industry Association (SIA) certified trainer. Our training ensures all of our alarm handling operators are prepared for the rigorous central station environment, and continue to provide courteous and quality services to all our dealers and their customer. With two full time monitoring facilities, we load balance alarms and operators between both sides. Local balancing assures that the alarms are always delivered to an operator quickly with the highest quality service.
  3. Annual Inspection of Fire Alarms
    We provide the required annual inspection of your fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Complete functional testing of all devices, cleaning and repair of any deficient items.
  4. Complete System Installation
    From the smallest system, to a full high-rise voice evacuation system, Addison Safety provides complete system installation from the ground up. All our installers are factory trained and certified for installation and testing of all Notifier equipment.
Protection for Life